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“Investigate or inquire into allegations of misconduct, impropriety, mismanagement, or violations of law, and to provide staff overview for all congressional or other special interest petitions for IGMC assistance, interest or actions.”

Assistance : The Department of Defense Hotlines were designed to focus efforts to combat fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement throughout DoD and the Navy. The 1st Marine Division has followed suit and established a command Hotline.  The hotline is open to all military personnel, civilian employees, and dependents aboard Camp Pendleton, and should be used to report industrial, logistical, facility, energy, financial, contractual, environmental, and manpower issues. All complaints have to submit formally by using the 1st Marine Division Hotline Complaint Form (Link provided below) However, if you have a general question, call the main office line.

The Investigations Section will assess allegations and facilitate the investigation of substantive allegations submitted in a timely manner that violate a rule, regulation, standard or law. All reports of sexual assault will be referred to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Assistance & Investigations: (760) 725.5951

1st Marine Division Hotline Complaint Form