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AC/S G6 760-763-4545
Deputy - G6 760-725-4098
G6 Comm Chief 760-725-5019


G6 Operations
G6 Operations Officer 760-763-3493
G6 Operations Chief 760-763-3499
Maintenance Officer 760-763-3495
Maintenance Chief 760-725-6118
Spectrum Manager 760-763-3498
KMI Manager / ISIC 760-763-8391


Systems Planning and Engineering (SPE)
G6 Data Plans 760-763-5607
G6 Network Engineer 760-763-5607
G6 Space & Waveform Integration 760-763-5607


G6 Service Desk
ISMO / Service Desk OIC 760-725-5260
ISMO Chief / Service Desk SNCOIC 760-725-5260
MCEN-N/S Help Desk 760-725-5260
Wireless Device Manager 760-763-8682
Bldg 1133 (White House) Help Desk 760-725-8390
ITSM 760-763-5884
ISSM 760-725-5487


Division Network Operation Center (DNOC) 760-719-2339