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1st Marine Division


1st Marine Division

"The Blue Diamond"

Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Archive: July, 2006

‘New England’s Own’ Marines cool crowd heated about cooking fuel July 31, 2006
Marine photographer says Kevlar helmet saved him from enemy bullet in Iraq July 30, 2006
‘Bastards’ keep insurgents out, Iraqis safe July 29, 2006
Deployed ‘docs’ keep skills sharp for ‘Betio Bastards’ July 29, 2006
‘America’s Battalion’ arrives in Iraq, ready for duty July 28, 2006
Combat engineers valuable asset to U.S., Iraqi security operations in western Iraq July 28, 2006
'New England’s Own' security team, safe but deadly escorts July 28, 2006
NFL lends handy support to 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment July 27, 2006
Marines, Iraqis pause to honor fallen captain July 26, 2006
Iraqi nurses, corpsmen learn to fight disease, parasites July 24, 2006