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Vigilant Guardians, RCT-1’s Security Platoon stands watch

21 Feb 2008 | Regimental Combat Team 1

If Regimental Combat Team 1 gave frequent driver miles for the distances covered by its units, headquarters company’s security platoon would have enough points to rack up quite a few free vacations.

 Security platoon’s mission is to provide a security element for the RCT’s Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team, as well as provide security for the regimental executive officer, and any other such missions that may require the services of security professionals.

 This pivotal job requires the Marines of security platoon to work in every sector of RCT-1’s area of operations (AO). “We have hit all four corners of the RCT’s AO, we constantly travel all over Al Anbar to complete our missions,” said Staff Sgt. Tracy Cazee, platoon sergeant, security platoon.

 “Punisher” as their call sign indicates stands ready to provide security to any and all who seek it, and according to Cazee they can dish out their own version of punishment should anybody be foolish enough to test their skills,“ we are always prepared to go into action if needed,” Cazee said.

 The platoon is pieced together from numerous infantry units throughout the 1st Marine Regiment and they are no strangers to combat operations. Several members of the platoon are on their second and even third deployment.

 “Many of the Marines in the unit have just finished a deployment and volunteered to come back,” Cazee stated.

 A recent Marine Corps Times article dubbed some Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officers as “baby NCO’s” stating that the Marine Corps may “run the risk of flooding the fleet with immature and inexperienced leaders who must bear the burden of greater leadership.” After witnessing the security platoon Marines in action, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. “I have a junior NCO as my assistant convoy commander. He holds a higher billet than most senior sergeants, I am fully confident in all the junior NCO’s, ” said Cazee.

 The Marines of security platoon are hardened warriors and provide a vital role in the reconstruction, and transfer of authority to the Iraqi people. And they stand ready to provide the essential security mission throughout RCT-1’s area of operations.