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Memory of fallen Marine lives on

24 Sep 2004 | Lance Cpl. Graham Paulsgrove

Though his life is over, his legacy and spirit live on.

The Marines and Sailors of 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, gathered at Combat Outpost to pay their final respects to their fallen comrade, Pfc. Timothy Shane Folmar, a rifleman with Company F. 

During a patrol through downtown Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Sept. 24, Folmar was hit by enemy fire during an engagement with hostile insurgents. 

"We come here to seek closure and try to understand why a friend, a fellow human being has been lost," said Lt. Col. Randy Newman, commanding officer, 2/5. "We try to understand and respect the fact that he was dedicated to his duties, executed them as a Marine flawlessly and paid the ultimate sacrifice because he understood his call to duty here in Iraq." 

Folmar, a Senora, Texas, native, was known through his platoon for his sense of humor work ethic and always striving to improve himself.

"Shane was a good friend, with a great personality," said Lance Cpl. Jose Osornia, a rifleman with Company F, 2/5.  "He would never complain and he could always make you laugh.  His platoon and company will miss him."

While Folmar's peers recalled the man, his commander remembers the Marine. 

"He never complained, he never fell out and he never quit," said 2nd Lt. Robert Jones, a platoon commander with Company F, 2/5.  "He never wanted to let anyone down, that was the type of Marine he was."

Folmar was killed doing his duty by advancing and engaging the enemy, and he will be remembered as a true warrior.

"When he died, this Marine was taking the fight to the enemy," said Cpl. Widener, a squad leader with Company F, 2/5.  "He would never let up, he would never quit, he was a true spirited warrior.  We will continue the best we can, but it will be hard to fill his place.  He will be deeply missed by me, his squad and platoon."

Although he is gone, Folmar will live in hearts and minds of his brothers in arms.

"I am sure he is watching over us now, protecting us.  He is gone but not forgotten," said Capt. Edward Rapisarda, company commander, Company F, 2/5.  "Semper Fi, Shane Folmar."