Provincial Governor of Ramadi visits Haditha City

23 Jan 2008 | Lance Cpl. Shawn Coolman 1st Marine Division

The Provincial Governor of Ramadi, Ma’Moun Sami Rashid, visited Haditha City Tuesday to speak with the city’s leaders on reconstruction topics.

 Three main concerns of the meetings were food-distribution security, fuel distribution and energy allocation.

 While there, the governor spoke on ways to start fixing and re-building Al Anbar.

 “The K-3 power plant needs to be working again to supply power to the residents, the train system has to begin running and the cement factory in Qubaisa needs to begin producing again,” said Rashid.

 “There are many foreign companies that are interested in coming here and establishing contracts in Al Anbar,” said Rashid. “We will work together to re-build this area for the families.”

 Now that security and money is not an issue, the governor can travel safely throughout the region and meet with the leaders and begin the process of re-building.

 “What happened today was governance; the governor now has the money to begin re-building,” said Maj. Gen. John R. Allen, the deputy commanding general, Multi National Forces-West. “Security is not an issue at all; it’s all about reconstruction.”

 The meetings had significant meaning to the Marines serving in Haditha City.

 “I think it was important for the local government representatives to actually have the provincial government representatives take the time out of their schedule to meet in Haditha,” said Maj. Jake J, Falcone, 35, from Gretna, Lou. “Having everyone come here really shows the full interest and support of the provincial governor.”

 The relationship between the leaders of Al Anbar and the Marines was strengthened with talks of the future.

 “We have a very solid relationship with the (provincial government) right now,” said Falcone, the battalion’s governance lines-of-operation manager. “We meet with them every week and do our best at staying behind the scenes so they can make their own decisions.”

 The next steps for the reconstruction of the Haditha Triad are clear.

 “There are three funding venues for reconstruction: civil affair units through the use of the commanders’ emergency relief program, also through the embedded provincial reconstruction team and through the international relief program which employs a sixty-man team of Iraqis to re-build Al Anbar,” said Falcone.

 The reconstruction process is not an easy process to put into practice, but the Marines of 3/23 are working side by side with the provincial government to facilitate a smoother transition.

1st Marine Division