1st Tank Battalion


1st Tank Battalion

1st Marine Division

Alpha Company

Alpha Company Chain of Command

Capt Beavers 1stSgt Bacolod

Families and Friends of Company A,

Thank you for your steadfast support during the past 8 busy months. As stated in my previous letter, your Marines have been busy. I know that the time has been limited in which you have had the opportunity to balance all that life can throw your way during this journey that is the Marine Corps. Thank you for sharing your loved one with us, even if the time isn’t always equitable.

Gunnery, company field exercises, strategic mobility exercises, division level exercises, annual training, culminating with the Integrated Training Exercise (ITX 2-16) have provided an opportunity to learn, improve, and develop this company into where we are at this time, the most able, ready company within 1st Tank Battalion. There have been a host of personnel changes within the company and the battalion since the last letter, we welcome many new faces that are already making a profound impact. I will not list them all, but the company is doing well during a continual current of change. If the call were to come tomorrow, I want you to know that the men and women of Alpha Company are ready to answer.

To the newly joined Marines, families and friends, welcome. I am sure that the adjustment phase that a crucial part of the high desert experience is well underway. Know that we truly are happy to have you on aboard as part of the team. I look forward at meeting you at upcoming family events. Please remember that the Battalion’s Family Readiness Officer (FRO), is committed to family readiness as the company’s continued success depends on it.  We ask that you too remain committed to the readiness of your Marine or Sailor to deploy, and assist them in their preparations. As I have stated before, we embody the people business and our most valuable assets are our Marines, Sailors and their families.  Don’t hesitate to call if there is anything you need.

Semper Fidelis,

Capt Andy S. Beavers