1st Tank Battalion


1st Tank Battalion

1st Marine Division

To close with and destroy the enemy using expeditionary armor-protected firepower, shock effect, and maneuver in support of the MAGTF across the range of military operations.


The 1st Tank Battalion mission for the Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is: To train and prepare Marines, Sailors, and family members to ensure optimum resiliency when faced with all life cycle events.  When every Marine and family member in a unit reaches the optimum level of personal and family readiness, a high state of resiliency will result.

Operational readiness, as well as personal and family readiness, directly affects the fundamental mission of the Marine Corps, which is to make Marines and win battles.  Our most sacred resource is the individual Marine and his or her family.  Our success as an institution is linked to the well-being and resiliency of that Marine and his or her family.  Personal and family readiness is the ability of the individual Marine and our family members to successfully balance the challenges of military service, responsibilities to our families, and career and mission events.  A high state of operational readiness and personal and family readiness increases commitment, morale, focus, and resiliency to life cycle events (e.g. deployments). 

Personal and family readiness has been called a combat multiplier, equally as important as individual, equipment, and combat readiness.  When our families are at a higher state of readiness, individual Marines are better able to perform their assigned missions efficiently, effectively, and safely, thereby promoting a higher state of unit readiness. 

Each of you, the Marines and Sailors of 1st Tank Battalion, are ultimately responsible and accountable for your personal and family readiness.  While no one program can completely negate the inherent and unavoidable sacrifices associated with military service, UPFRP can leverage resources and significantly mitigate those potentially negative aspects.  As a result, families and Marines will experience improved quality of life and a feeling of empowerment. 

There are numerous resources available to assist in the pursuit and achievement of a high state of personal and family readiness.  All leaders (officers, SNCOs, and NCOs) will assist in the implementation of this program by providing counsel to Marines on the opportunities to participate in UPFRP training and events. 

By focusing on personal and family readiness and participating in events and training, the Marines, Sailors and families of 1st Tank Battalion will be ready when called.


1st Tank Battalion Leaders

Lieutenant Colonel Rush
Commanding Officer 1st Tank Battalion

Major Schnurr
Executive Officer 1st Tank Battalion

Sergeant Major Priester
Sergeant Major 1st Tank Bn